2013 Champion Breeders Herd

We Tired  Acres is a small Scottish Highland breeding farm located 10 miles south of Tomah Wisconsin by a little town called Wilton.  We acquired our herd of 18 in February of 2003 and they started having calves in March of that year and we were in the business.  Since that time we have raised and sold over 70 head of Highland cattle.  Many of them went to new breeders.  We enjoy talking to people about the Highland bred and welcome all to come and visit our farm.

2012 has been an interesting year for calving. In 2011 we leased We Tired Acres Joc back from Cobblestone farm and bred several of our cows that were not related to him.  We also had Schon Boden’s Tyson with the main herd.  Our cows started calving in March of 2012 and we had 10 calves born before the end of April.  Both bulls did a good job with 5 and 5.  There were four cows yet to calve and this is where the fun began. We had an opportunity to sell Tyson to a young boy, Jack Vruwink, from Wisconsin Rapids in August of 2011, we liked the calves we got from Tyson, but we were going to have his daughters to breed in the year 2012 so the decision was made to go ahead and sell him.  After we delivered Tyson we put Joc and his cows back with the main herd thinking that all the cows were bred.  Joc was the bull from then on until we delivered Joc back to Cobblestone Farms the end of October,  On the 8th of November we bought Northern Oaks Fabian from Rachel Swanson and her dad, Dale Halonie.  He was a very gentle bull and he fit in well with our herd.  From November 8, 2011 Fabian could be the sire of some of the calves born after July.  So with those later calves we will have to do DNA on them to determine their sire.  So much for running two and then the third bull in 2011.  We have decided not to do that again. 

We were very fortunate to sell several cow/calf pair and several heifers, bulls and steers this summer.  We are now down to a workable 20 head going into the winter of 2012.  In September we went to the North Central Highland Regional Show held in Austin, Minnesota.  Joan had managed that show for 4 years and this is the first year she could be there just to show and promote our cattle.  This was also the first year that she showed some of We Tired Acres cattle.  Our very wonderful friend Kate Zander helped with showing them also.  We took five head and three were weanlings.  They all did great and we even had the Champion Junior Bull Calf.  The show was good and we had a wonderful time visiting with other Highland breeders.  One of the breeders from Minnesota, Bob and Sally Nelsen saw the picture of Fabian and ended up buying him for their small herd of Highland cows.  They picked him up on October 1st and now we are in the market for a new bull.  We have the winter to find one and the process will be exciting to visit farms and see what is for sale.

We want to thank all that bought cattle from us and hope that they will keep in touch with how things are going.  We like to know how they bred the heifers and what the resulting calves are like.  That is about all that has gone on this year and the door is always open for anyone to come and visit us and our hairy beasts.  We love company and showing our cattle.